Additional Services

E-Party Jewellery Parties

Set a specific timeframe, I’ll send you an information email, and invitational email to send to your friends, they visit the site and place an order using a specific reference code.  The ‘hostess’ will receive $20 to spend (with a minimum of 5 purchasing guests), and a percentage of total sales with a minimum of $51 (The sales tiers are listed below).  If a ‘guest’ books an e-party you will receive a $20 voucher to spend at their online party, and they will receive a $10 pair of earrings as a thankyou gift!  I will look after each of the ‘guests’  directly, you don’t have to worry about collecting payments or working out postage, what could be easier than that?!

$51-$100 receives 10% of total sales
$101-$200 receives 15% of total sales
$201-$500 receives 20% of total sales
$500+ receives 30% of total sales

Additional services will be available soon

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